As stated in the introduction, the aim of the diploma has been to explore ways in which design can be used to address issues related to designing for the net. The scope of the diploma has concentrated around sustainability and the attention economy, understanding these topics better, and exploring how design can be utilized to address part of these issues.

Coming to some form of conclusion in such a sprawling project has been difficult. But I have many insights from my process. The internet can seem overwhelming, but is in reality the sum of many small things. The premise from which I started from was that by poking and prodding at small things, I could explore larger complicated themes. And this I found to work well. It has enabled me to approach some complex topics, in a manageable way.

Using remixing as a method, has been a good foundation and entry point from which to start looking into these larger topics. Iterating quickly between research and experimenting, helped me to reflect on the relevant issues, in a designerly way. On one hand, the process required extensive research to understand and choose the components which were to be remixed. On the other hand there was the actual work of remixing, which required creative thinking, technical skills and feedback. These phases continually informed each other during the process. Research led to inspiration, while developing remixes helped me identify barriers and new possibilities, which led back to more research, more experimentation and back again.

Using plugins, as the basis from which to remix, proved to be a quick, easy way to achieve this. It has highlighted to me how malleable the digital material of the web really is.

The width and complexity of the topics I’ve tried to touch upon in this report have been daunting. Researching these topics has revealed to me just how large and complex these topics really are. To act meaningfully as designers, I believe we need to have a better understanding in order to navigate this space. Fortunately in my research, I found an abundance of good material to the point it could feel daunting.

In exploring these subjects, I cast a very wide net. This gave me the liberty to explore freely and reach spaces I didn’t expect, or set out to. But it has also been challenging, without having a more set direction or goal. In hindsight, I wished I had formed a tighter scope in what I set out to achieve. Having several topics meant much time was spent researching, which weren’t ultimately materialized as experiments in the project, leaving it more open-ended than I would have liked.

Through this diploma, I hope to have shed light on some fascinating topics, presented a interesting way of working and hopefully inspired you to think of the web as something dynamic and open for further exploration and creativity.

Thank you for reading!