Underwater VR

A Underwater Fish Spotting Experience

Underwater VR, AKA Oslo Fjordhage Underwater Virtual Fish Spotting Experience, was Axel Egenรฆs and I's first experience working with VR. Therefore, we set out to learn as much of the skills and techniques required. This included learning 3D modeling, rigging, writing shaders, fish AI, and getting a good understanding of Unity's physics system.

We set out to create a lush and rich underwater landscape. To achieve this, some tools had to be created to ease our workflow, including automated populating of surfaces, rigging of fish, kelpTECH, and many smaller scripts. Having hundreds of physical entities running on our VR setup, proved to be too much โ€“ late in the process, we had to go back, reducing geometries, simplifying our scene considerably, removing colliders and tuning physics parameters. Fun project!