I'm looking for work!

I'm passionate about ideation, concept development, prototyping and testing. Besides having a thorough knowledge of design processes and methods, I have the technical know-how to develop extensive and compelling prototypes and designs. I value experimentation, exploration and play.

I have extensive experience with:


Design thinking

My education at AHO has been heavily projects based and hands on. This has given me a broad understanding of multiple design diciplines and techniques – teaching me how to approach problems creativily and critically – from the beginning to the end of a design process.


I've had experience prototyping in several formats – ranging from mockups, enactment, graphic experiental evidencing, wireframes, physical and functional product prototyping to creating digital prototypes using Javascript, Figma and similar tools.

Arduino & basic electronics

I have a good understanding of Arduino, having worked with multiple aspects – from using a wide array of sensors and actuators to writing a custom stepper library and building my own pen plotter from scratch. I've also worked as a student assistent, teaching and helping others.

Unity 3D 🥔

Unity 3D has been a hobby of mine for several years. Having touched on most aspects of development, has given me a broad understanding of Unity's toolset and it's many eccentricies.

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